Tuesday, 28 October 2014

SharePoint - Unable to create New WebApplication


I recently faced a problem with SharePoint, that I created new Web Application and it was showing a popup of "It shouldn't take long", then after some time it showed a Connection failure page. I browsed to the virtual directory folder for the new web application and found that the folder was totally empty.

Then what I did to solve this problem:

1. Open IIS
2. Go to Applicatin Pools
 3. Select Central Admin application pool and right click and select "Advance Settings".
4. There was a property named "Shutdown Time Limit", it was set to "90" by default.
    I changed it to 400 and clicked OK.
It restarted the applicaition pool automatically. Then again I created new web application from central admin and it worked for me.

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  1. Hi Ovais,

    I just started using SharePoint 2013 for using Office Web Apps Server, as the information got from internet there is only System Users(Domain Users) have access in SharePoint. But i need SQL users to edit and view the documents using Office Web Apps Server.

    Can you please help me if you know any solution for this.

    Thanks in advance.