Thursday, 4 April 2013

How to Register your App with Facebook

How to Register your App / Website with Facebook

Following below steps to register your app / domain to integrate your app / website with facebook :
1. Login with facebook account or Register for new account on facebook.
2. Then go to Settings > Create an App.
3. Then click "Apps" tab.

 4. Then click "Create New App". Type name for your application and then click continue.
(It will check for the name validation, if it will be OK, it will show message "Valid"on the right side of the app name input box.)
 5. Then in the next screen it will ask for the human verifcation code / captcha. type in the code given in the picture and click continue.
6. It wil then take you to the app page, where you will note the "App ID" and "App Secret" key, which will be used by the facebook SDK to authenticate your application with facebook. and also you will provide the app domain / url , of your website, which will then include your website in the white list. Else it will not acknowledge / authenticate the requesting domain, if you will not provide the address. and will give / prompt message of invalid url.
7. After all these steps click "Save".

Hope that helps!!!!

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